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Dolly Reno – First Night

Hello Lovelies!

I hope y’all are keeping warm out there… I know I will be considering I’m sooo going to pick one of the other participants to snuggle up to… I just don’t know which one yet.

Anyways, it’s the first night and I’m super stoked on it. It’s been a bit of a stressful day since I thought I had lost all the footage I had filmed so far of ‘5 Days’ and I was freaking… But!!! Krista Martin (my production manager and non-homeless lady friend) and I figured it out and it is all good now.

Well I promise to blog my butt off tomorrow but for now I’m gonna laugh at all the funny things Allie says… And when I say funny, I actually mean things that make no sense to anyone but her and so I laugh! HAHA!

Peace & Love,

Dolly. Xo.


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Melanda Danenhower – First Night

Yooo. First night. We set up our beds for the night and were able to successfully borrow some cardboard. I’m super excited for the campaign and am looking forward to all the amazing speakers that are going to be here this week!




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Allie Livesey – First Night

After setting up ‘basecamp’ tonight, I can’t help but feel really excited for the upcoming week. Already we have received tremendous amount of support and its amazing to see everyone come together for this campaign.

Until tomorrow, love

Allie Livesey


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Brandon Hofmarks – First Night

Dear Dairy:

Today we showed up at 5 PM and began to set up our night camp!!! I constructed a bed out of newspaper and cardboard. We hung up signs and were graciously donated a meal for the night. We shared stories about random stuff, and eventually it started to snow. I think we may not make it.

– Brandon Hofmarks


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Liam Danger Park – First Night

So. What to say, I’m cold. But I just put long johns on and am on the way to warmth. I made a great box fort. Life’s not rough and I’m excited to not do dishes, deal with cell phones, or transit. When I get more time I’m thinking of making a box-mahal if you will… a box pyramid or some other corrugated monument. Not much to say today. So I’ll think till tomorrow.

– Liam Danger Park


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Sage Birley – First Night

Today’s the start of 5 Days Woot Woot! We raided the cardboard recycling to make mattresses. We decided to fill cardboard boxes with newspaper to make a makeshift mattress. Good thing we had this because the concrete is brutal. So far so good, don’t think it’s dropped bellow zero yet so feeling positive. Haven’t actually slept yet so we’ll see if the stoak is still up tomorrow morning.

– Sage Birley


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