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Sage Birley: Monday

Last night was the first night sleeping outside cap and what an experience. It felt like hours ticked by while I tried to convince my self to just fall asleep. Here I am sitting outside a well lit university tucked away from the city perfectly safe but still afraid to sleep. I can’t imagine the horrors of trying to sleep alone on a cold dark street when you know every sound you hear is potentially dangerous. I can understand why people turn to substances to numb the pain and try to sleep. In the middle of the night winds kicked right up and it got loud. Liams box fort got torn apart and we could hear crashing boxes for the rest of the night. It’s unvelievable how much noise leaves make! At around 5:30am I worke up to cafeteria staff ratteling the gate and nervously looking down at us. We told them the doors were locked but they didn’t give up for sometime. It didn’t occur to me until after talking to paul that had we truly been homeless, we would have been kicked out without hesitation or arrested. Getting cuffed and dragged away. But the people have been incredible so far. The generosity of people never fails to blow me away. Who knew sleeping on the streets could restore faith in humanity.



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Sage Birley – First Night

Today’s the start of 5 Days Woot Woot! We raided the cardboard recycling to make mattresses. We decided to fill cardboard boxes with newspaper to make a makeshift mattress. Good thing we had this because the concrete is brutal. So far so good, don’t think it’s dropped bellow zero yet so feeling positive. Haven’t actually slept yet so we’ll see if the stoak is still up tomorrow morning.

– Sage Birley


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