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Liam Danger Park: Wednesday Morning

I’m Consistently surprised and impressed by the generosity of people. A  few days ago I was joking that I’d never had lobster and that it would be great if someone would donate some. Sure enough the Capilano Board of Governors had a meeting with plenty of leftovers that they donated including lobster stuffed ravioli. I’m hoping soon gold bars, gem stones, and expensive musical equipment. Maybe a mini-moog. Soon we can probably open a bakery as we have constantly incoming stock of donuts, muffins, banana bread and the likes. Maybe we should have the cold and stale bake sale on Friday.

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Liam Danger Park: Monday

CRASH! It must have been bad wolf. As calm has the night was to begin, bed time would have carried Dorthy past Oz all the way to Antarctica or further, sent my box castle bricks flying like they’d been hit by seige stationary. Way to comfy to fix it. During the night I had some dream visitors but ever more who were real and quite surprised at the squat which had appeared over the weekend. They don’t understand. How could they. I don’t even understand why am I homeless. Why is anyone. Okay, I chose it. But sort of because many people don’t. Maybe. People have been VERY generous with food for me and the residents of my shanty town. Unfortunately I know many of the donors or they knew me. I don’t know any homeless people in Vancouver and most people don’t. Most of the people who need the help can’t get it and don’t have a community to turn to. How to really deal with it or associate with these situations. From out youth we’re told not to talk to strangers and adults are never taught how much can be learned if we do try it.

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Liam Danger Park – First Night

So. What to say, I’m cold. But I just put long johns on and am on the way to warmth. I made a great box fort. Life’s not rough and I’m excited to not do dishes, deal with cell phones, or transit. When I get more time I’m thinking of making a box-mahal if you will… a box pyramid or some other corrugated monument. Not much to say today. So I’ll think till tomorrow.

– Liam Danger Park


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