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Dolly Reno: Monday

Hey Sugartots!

So last night….hmmm! What can I tell you about last night? Well I was pretty toasty in my sleeping bag, so much so that i wore shorts and a t-shirt to bed and was set. At one point while i was systematically undressing myself on the covers, I tossed my slippers through the top hole of my ‘mummy’ like sleeping bag (donated to me by Kelsey D) and I laughed super hardcore because i thought I looked like i was a pooping worm. Hee!

Note: A ‘mummy’ sleeping bag zips all the way around with a little hole just for your face, which you can also close up!

But… I’m not gonna lie… It wasn’t all good. At some point in the night the wind got so bad that Liam’s shanty got blown over in the middle of the night and from that point it continued to blow all sorts of cardboard was strewn all over the place. It also continued to slap the tied up ‘5 Days’ banner all around and making these big ‘Ccccccraaack’ and ‘Smaaaaaackk!’ sounds throughout the night.

All the noise from the wind made it ridiculously hard to calm my nerves enough to fall asleep. NOT TO MENTION!!! How cold my face got almost instantly that i had to totally hide in my sleping bag. But that really wasn’t so big a deal in comparison to what it was like when some (not all) cafeteria staff were starting to show up for work. I guess no one told them about this event because at some point in the early morning I heard a few people say “what are we doing, we should kick them out… they shouldn’t b e here anyways”. But in the end they left us alone, thanks to our awesome security guard (who’s name I will find out and let you know…Promise)

I finally fell into another snooze and a couple hours later, Desiree came to wake us up! Note: It was nice to her her friendly face.

The day today was nice and I got a lot done. At one point I got really stressed out and had a mini meltdown… But I got out of it! And when it was over and it was time for me to go back to camp from the Bosa Building I wished my myself that everyone was still up at camp because i couldn’t wait to go back to ‘home’ to see all their loving faces 🙂

Goodnight world,

Dolly xo

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Dolly Reno – First Night

Hello Lovelies!

I hope y’all are keeping warm out there… I know I will be considering I’m sooo going to pick one of the other participants to snuggle up to… I just don’t know which one yet.

Anyways, it’s the first night and I’m super stoked on it. It’s been a bit of a stressful day since I thought I had lost all the footage I had filmed so far of ‘5 Days’ and I was freaking… But!!! Krista Martin (my production manager and non-homeless lady friend) and I figured it out and it is all good now.

Well I promise to blog my butt off tomorrow but for now I’m gonna laugh at all the funny things Allie says… And when I say funny, I actually mean things that make no sense to anyone but her and so I laugh! HAHA!

Peace & Love,

Dolly. Xo.


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