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Brandon Hofmarks: Monday

Brandons Dangler:

Dear Dairy,

Well last night was interesting!!!

We were blessed by a windstorm that sung us a terrifying song all night long. We also had strangers walking around us at night speaking in another language. At some point Liam’s hobo shack exploded and we heard the pleasant sound of cardboard rushing back and forth.

When I got up at 8:00, I sat around and begun to “beg” people for my morning meal and cawfee. I was successful!!!! Around the time I perked up via caffeine the donations began to come rollin’ in 🙂

The lovely rain and wind started to rip all our signs off, and it was really hard to deal with because of the lack of energy.

The rest of the day was filled with people donating money and delicious meals. I have crafted a new sleeping mat out of garbage bags and old newspapers.

If you don’t get another post, expect the worst.

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Brandon Hofmarks – First Night

Dear Dairy:

Today we showed up at 5 PM and began to set up our night camp!!! I constructed a bed out of newspaper and cardboard. We hung up signs and were graciously donated a meal for the night. We shared stories about random stuff, and eventually it started to snow. I think we may not make it.

– Brandon Hofmarks


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