Sage Birley – Wenesday

16 Mar

Last night we had great cloud cover it was actually surprisingly warm. I feel like I’m getting better at sleeping on the streets every night. I’m getting better at building mats. We fill garbage bags with newspaper to make a makeshift mattress. Its getting easier to continue myself to fall asleep as I’m getting used to the noise of the night. The sugar and caffeine donations keep up wired so it took forever to fall asleep! We tried to ware ourselves out by playing Frisbee till 2 am. It was wicked our security guard mohammad even joined in. He is so kind and takes care of us as best he can. He even told us a bed time story!

 Early morning wake up again with people trying to get into the birch building. After getting up to move my mat I went back to sleep. Woke up to a few strange looks from people from my English class. Its always funny seeing the reactions from other cap students when I’m brushing my teeth in the bathroom. It reminds me of the movie terminal were the dude has to live in an airport. We had an incredible speaker from mental health and addiction that really hit home today and as usual the generosity of people blows me away.

– Sage Birley

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