Sage Birley – Thursday

16 Mar

Last night I can’t believe it I don’t know were the time has gone the weeks already done! This has been such an incredible experience I’ve had the most unreal conversations with people today! It was a beautiful day today the sun was shining the weather was sweet I got to recharge my batteries in the sunshine it was so nice! I only had one morning class so I was done by eleven but I had to go work on a main assignments for English class. My mind is not nearly as sharp as it was a few days ago I think it must be from just being on the go constantly. I spent the rest of the day running around promoting our final events like carts of darkness and our final forum. People seem to be hearing about the campaign and their coming to track us down to discuss it it’s awesome! I love hearing the prospective of other cap students and I’m stoked to see how positive everyone is. Some times it’s easy to get caught up in the problems of the world but my experience here has showed me how people can make a change in the world we just need to realize we all have a common ground. We’ve all been separated by social barriers we put up but when we realize were all human we  are incredible kindcan do incredible thing. Everyone in this campaign has been incredible I’ve loved getting to learn the other participants stories it’s defiantly a bonding experience spending 5 nights sleeping outside cap. It’s so rad staying up all night talking and it will defiantly be weird to finally leave the other participants behind and go home. I’ve loved the experience and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of 5 days!

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