Liam Danger Park – Wednesday

16 Mar

It started with our czeck security guard struggling to find the word epistemology. 430am and I can’t go to bed yet since these thoughts need punctuation and final address. The first concept of the night that was new and of interesting was what Frank (the guard) called the 4 Anthological Givens; being in no particular order as far as I know (1) you have to make decisions (2) there’s never enough information (3) you are alone and finally (4) you will die. This concept states that these are pretty much all that we can be sure of.

I’ll address them & see what else I can remember from the night and then probably hit the sack (of newspapers) by 5ish. (1)you have to make descisions, this is the leap of faith, you have to choose action or you’ve chosen inaction, either way is your choice. If you choose not to decide then your life will happen just as surely as if you do. (2) For any given choice it’s a leap, you can’t analyse every bit of available information instantly so you have to just go for it. Information is missing from the analasys of your perception and you can’t let that hold you back. You don’t know every variable of every situation, life’s not a physics exam and what if a metiorite hits the school? (3) no one’s seen what you’ve seen or been where you’ve been, eaten the food you’ve been fed or wrinkled the books that you read. You are alien to every other person in the world and alone, but it’s not so bad, you are unique. (4) you’ll die. Go ahead. Try to stop it.

Early morning workers are already arriving at school.

From epistemology we moved onto the philosophical field concerning  the sense of self. My past late o’clock mind can’t find the word. From there we went to existentialism. Discussing how liberating it can be. Frank mentioned a concept that I think he called phenomenological existentialism is the analasis of your immediate perception. My thoughts are clouded with fatigue, maybe tomoro I’ll rembmber it all.


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